About Me

I am South Asian-American + an attorney + the wife of a wonderful resident physician + a sister/daughter to two wonderful families.  My husband and I are recent transplants to Bay City, MI who grew up in the large, foodie cities of Los Angeles and Chicago with families who love to and are great at cooking.  

While I love to cook, I am admittedly horrible at measuring ingredients as I do so (sorry in advance). I particularly love the kind of cooking that involves experimenting with new recipes + improving meals I’ve had or made before + personalizing restaurant menus to our taste + combining flavors. I also love entertaining our friends and family for special occasions or for no reason at all. 

Everyday Soirees is my attempt to merge the worlds of recipes and food blogs with organization and inspiration as well as event planning.  My style can be described best as “neutrals with a pop.”  This translates to the ease that follows from well-planned menus + events that still have a splash of whim.  I hope you enjoy my little contribution to menu + event planning and would love to hear from you via social media + comments + contributions to the compilation of Everyday Soirees!

Cheers, PDM


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