Baked Falafel Plate

Trying to find an easy weeknight dinner? Or something outside your regular dinner rotation? Look no further than this baked falafel plate. A few steps of prep turns some lentils and veggies into a delicious and healthy meal good enough for a dinner party or a meal with your family.

Veggies: iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, white onions, cilantro

Sauces: spicy red sauce (cayenne pepper blended with water, lemon juice, and cumin), tahini (tahini paste thinned out with water), and cilantro jalapeno hummus (see recipe section of Everyday Soirees)

Falafel patties: mixed lentils soaked overnight in warm water and blended to form thick batter. Add grated ginger and Serrano peppers & chopped parsley, spinach, kale, and cilantro. Add salt to taste right before baking or frying to prevent too much water release.


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