Holiday Sweets Without the Sweat

With Christmas right around the corner, my social media feeds have been filled with holiday decor, trees, and beautiful treats! If you’re looking to get in on this wonderful tradition but just don’t have the time for an all-day bake fest, check out these easy recipes for yummy individual desserts. They’re perfect for potlucks, as gifts for foodie friends, or just as an indulgence! Pictured above are sugar cookie reindeers, apple cinnamon scone Christmas trees, and chocolate cake ball snowmen.

Reindeer Cookies

1. Buy or bake sugar cookies 

2. Draw antlers with black gel or chocolate icing

3. Add red m&m or cinnamon candy for nose

Christmas Tree Bars

1. Buy or bake triangle-shaped scones, brownies, or your favorite dessert bar

2. Decorate with green icing and sprinkles

Snowmen Cake Balls

1. Buy or bake your favorite cake or favorite crispy cookie (Oreos, Biscoff, gingersnaps, etc)

2. Crumble cake/cookies into small pieces

3. Mix frosting with cake or room temperature cream cheese with cookies

4. Roll into bitesize balls and let chill in freezer for around 30 minutes

5. Melt white chococolate or white candy melts and coat each ball

6. Put back in freezer until coating completely cooled/dried

7. Decorate with gel icings (blue for eyes, orange for nose, and black for mouth) and a mini Oreo hat


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